Catholic News Service

(November 9, 2015)
In Florence, Ecumenists revive sacred art

Christianity Today

(October 20, 2010)
The Art of Glory

Boston Globe

(December 1, 2013)
Orleans church highlights talents of artists worldwide

Boston Globe

(August 7, 2014)
SharonRose Pfeiffer on the amazing E.M. Skinner organ

America Magazine

(February 23, 2015)
Encountering the Other in Shakespeare

America Magazine

The Church of the Transfiguration: An Ecumenical Community – Media Gallery

Church Times

(May 23, 2014)
The pictures tell the story

Faith & Form

Religious Architecture – Award of Merit

Faith & Form

Religious Art – Award of Meric

Yankee Magazine

The Cape Awakens

Cape Cod Times

(January, 2016)
Dynamic choral music in inspiring venue

The Boston Globe

(June 11, 2005)
A work of biblical proportion, ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ has real spirit

Christian History and Biography


American Benedictine Review

Review of the Church of the Transfiguration book

Living Church

(October 29, 2013)
Elegance in Cape Cod

Cape Week

Divine Inspiration

Cape Cod Times

The Bells of Rock Harbor

Cape Cod Times

Angel comes in for a landing

Barnstable Patriot

(May 22, 2015)
A tumult of bells

The Ringing World


The Sun Chronicle


The Anchor

(August 15, 2014)
Paraclete Press has become a Christian best-seller

The Cape Codder

(July 28, 2013)
Simply delicious: Tea for two at Rock Harbor

Edible Communities

(Winter 2012)
Behind the Scenes of a Monastery Kitchen

Cape Cod Times

(December 16, 2012)
First-rate singing puts spirit in “Messiah”

Cape Codder

(December 2015)
Powerful ‘Merchant of Venice’ in Orleans

Barnstable Patriot

(August 14, 2014)
Lend your ears to Elements’ Julius Caesar